My experience: working with the WHO Monitoring Team in Palestine

By Jonathan Paci on December 12, 2012

Jonathan Paci WHO Monitoring Team Palestine

In 2006 I had the occasion of spending some time in Jerusalem while doing an internship at the World Health Organization. This was a professionally rewarding experience since I had the chance of working in an international environment and with the UN agency I always wanted to work for.

I was very excited about this experience and proud of being in a position where I could give a little contribution with my work.

While in Palestine I had the chance to visit the main public health facilities and hospitals of the West Bank, during the international boycott against the government of Hamas. This boycott was a direct consequence of the stunning win of Hamas in the first Palestinian parliamentary election, held in Jnuary 2006.

When I arrived in Palestine the consequences of the boycott were evident and particularly in the Palestinian National Health Service. As a member of the WHO monitoring team, I had to collect information to assess the resilience of the health workers and the quality of the health services provided to the population.

The assessment carried out is publicly available here: "The Workers' Strike in Public Health Sector in the West Bank".

by Jonathan Paci

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