A surprising lunch break

By Jonathan Paci on April 6, 2014

Jonathan Paci - Flying over the Zambesi in Mozambique


During my lunch break I normally like to go swimming to a pool in a lodge near by...and yesterday was no exception.

To my surprise when I arrived I saw an helicopter parked in front of the lodge and a man working on it.

I had no hesitation in approaching that man to ask what brought him to this remote area of the world. David, the name of the Spanish owner and pilot of the helicopter, is an entrepreneur working in a stone quarry in the Sofala province.

An helicopter is definitely the easiest way to get from one place to another around here not only because distances are immense but also because of the road conditions.

Just a few minutes after this meeting I was up in the air flying over the Zambesi river enjoying this wonderful country from a new and marvellous perspective.

Thanks David, I still owe you a dinner.

  • Jonathan Paci - view over the Zambesi Jonathan Paci - swimming at Kuakua lodge

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