The Wall of Shame... and Lost Memory

By Jonathan Paci on November 16, 2013

The Wall of Shame and Lost Memory

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The other day I was doing some cleaning in my drawers and a paper note dropped out of my old passport.

I remember that piece of paper being in my passport for many years, the date on it shows: October 6, 2006. In that period I was living in the East side of Jerusalem, in the Arab quarter, and on that day I visited the Yad Vashem Museum.

Many know that Jerusalem is an ancient wonderful and lively city, what might be less known is the fact that it is progressively being "colonized" by Jewish settlers who blindly believe in the shameless political objective of: "creating facts on the ground".

At that time, I was quite prepared to see the long wall which arbitrarily cuts-out the Palestinian territory in favour of Israel, what I was not expecting was to see that a more subtle settlement is growing in East Jerusalem

Well, this is a long and complicated story...but I have the impression that many Israelis have lost their memory...

Anyhow, this is what was written on the little paper note that fell out of my passport:


WARSAW GHETTO - “On November 16, 1940 the Germans enclosed Warsaw’s Jews in a ghetto. While the Jews represented approximately one third of the city’s residents, the ghetto area was just 2.4%. Masses of refugees were expelled into ghetto Warsaw, thus increasing its population to over 450,000. Surrounded by walls, and under strict and brutal surveillance, the Jews were cut off from the outside world. Inside the ghetto, the lives of the masses were defined by the determined struggle for existence against death from starvation and disease. The frequent shrinking of the ghetto’s borders, the arrival of tens of thousands of refugees and the severe food shortages intensified the crowding and famine. The Jewish communal institutions – primarily the Judenrat and welfare organizations – were powerless, as the ghetto became a center for the spread of disease and mass death. More than 80.000 Jews died in the Warsaw ghetto over the period of its existence. The remaining Jews were deported to the death camps."

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