For profit

Along my career I had the opportunity to work as Marketing Manager in the corporate sector.

For-profit and nonprofit organisations, despite their deep differences, have much in common.

Both sectors need to rely on professionals with strong managerial and analytical skills which are able to bring efficiency and innovation to their work.

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Bring passion and commitment to your company

"Let’s face it, most people don’t work for nonprofits because they dream of getting rich and famous. People get involved in nonprofits because they care. It’s that sort of passion and ethos that can be rare when looking for new hires.

Nonprofit employees are team-workers who, while having personal drive, aren’t in it solely for themselves. It’s a vision of the greater good that drove them to work in nonprofits in the first place and will lead them to work for what’s good for the company, rather than just themselves".

Jonathan Paci

For profit