I count myself very lucky to be able to make a living doing work that is in alignment with my values and the things that I believe in.

Work does not necessarily have to be something that is separate from your values, from your passions and from your interests – something that fills the work day and pays the bills, and what you really want to do happens on the weekend and evenings.

Working in the international development sector can be the best job in the world. Really. I cannot imagine anything else being as interesting, challenging and rewarding as some of the jobs I have had.


A matter of motivation

Much relief and development work takes place in some of the most challenging locations in the world.

I have lived in insecure environments often in the same house or compound as colleagues, without any reliable access to the normal amenities of the western world like electricity, hot and cold running water and the freedom of movement to explore at my leisure.

So, what keeps me loving this world?

Seeing the world, experiencing different cultures, the challenges you have to face, the responsibilities you are given and the opportunity of meeting a community of other motivated co-workers, are all good reasons.

But I am strongly convinced that what ultimately determines how much of our potential, skill, or talent we utilise is how motivated we are.

Jonathan Paci

Jonathan Paci with Imba tribe in Namibia